Chain conveyor commissioned, designed & built

Red Stag Timber commissioned Hutec Engineering to manage the design, build and installation of a new infeed conveyor to replace the old, fatigued and worn out unit.​Design followed a full site assessment and measure, with stress and loading analysis via FEA (finite element analysis) to identify and reinforce heavily loaded areas.  Once designed and simulated, approximately 12 tonnes of steel was profiled and assembled over a period of 5 weeks.​The installation of the conveyor was time critical, with a narrow window during the Christmas Shut for installation.  Hutec managed the civil and mechanical installation, and developed a methodology to minimise the installation time, whilst maximising the concrete curing time before loading.  Hutec welders completed in-situ connections between the debarker and the new conveyor.Contact Simon Jarvinen for more information.

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